Universal Education Institute in Huitxla in Chiapas (Mexico)

The school was founded in 1961 as Parochial School and was about to be closed by the inability to keep. The Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation came to Chiapas in 2001.

In 2004, to avoid closing Huitxla Institute, the Congregation took over the operation thereof in order to prevent its disappearance and leave the population deprived of the opportunity to educate their children without huge displacements,  maintaining and expanding their services to the current situation.

The institute has 33 employees of which 7 are males and 26 females. In addition, voluntary participation has 3 Sisters of Consolation.

The main activity is education in secondary levels of pre-school (kindergarten), primary, ie with children 3 to 15 years. It has a class for each level, 12 in total, plus the computer lab, reading room, multipurpose room and offices for the secretariat and the direction. Each level has an average of 15-20 children except kindergarten with 38 students.

The school is highly rated in the area for its great social work and is supported by local authorities that have been forwarded letters of appreciation to our Board. Given the fragility of the economies of families, 25% of students pay nothing, and the rest paid monthly a small amount that does not cover the cost of staff and of course not enough for running costs and maintenance.

The school is essential to ensure universal primary and secondary education in the area. It also acts as a social center for children and adolescents,  in addition to program activities, conduct sporting, recreational and cultural activities that remove them from the degraded environment of the street.

It also operates a School of Parents is a forum for meeting and information for families.

From mid 2009, that the school opened its doors, in the evenings,  an official institution operates for adult education (INEA) dedicated to street children over 14 years and adults.

Many school children can study thanks to scholarships that each year are donated by Delwende.

Project actions

2002Help buying a parish vehicle.
2004Acquisition of computers and implementation of the computer lab.
2010Support for change roofing for 6 elementary classrooms Institute.
2004 a 2014Annual grant of scholarships to over 30 students in preschool, elementary and secondary, in order to ensure continuity in the studies of these children.


Huitxla, Chiapas state (Mexico)