The “Dreamland“ Project in Cebu (Filipinas)

Dreamland is a project dedicated to children, because nobody better than they need to have a dream that drives them to build their future.

Also we dare to dream from this small center where children, to develop their skills through educational, recreational and religious activities, and enjoy room service and dispensary can dream of their future and to have  access to it .

This project aims to meet the basic needs of children in poverty and social exclusion in the area on issues such as early childhood education, nutrition and health needs.

The program caters for children from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 h. They are offered every day with a glass of milk and a food according with menu as the Philippine, strengthening nutrition with a daily dose of children’s vitamins.

Children perform daily activities with a native teacher and also teaches them basic education standards, personal hygiene and education in values.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are 40 children every 6 months, but also be helping their families, indirect recipients can be estimated at about 240 people.

They have sent us this testimony for us to see the work that takes place there.

Project actions

2013Collaboration with the works of building conditioning, as well as operating costs of the centre.
2014 to 2020Support for the operation of the Project and various acquisitions.
2021Included in the 2021 budget and pending collection for: Help for the operation of the Project.


Cebu, Central Visayas region, eastern island of Cebu (Philippines) coast