Social Center “Virgen de la Consolación” in Patacamaya (Bolivia)

From the very beginning the whole region of Patacamaya was characterized by the people with clearly Aimara origin, noticeable by their organization and productive ways, identifying the municipality´s inhabitants with Aimaras roots and origins with their own cultural basis.

The goal of the center is to create an educational space for integration and social promotion for children, of the sector and in the surrounding communities.

Many of the children and adolescents come to school from surrounding communities as Charumani, Chacoma Chojlla, Muruta ,Joco, Pampa, Collana, Machacamarca, etc. The children’s arrives to school on the morning and on their way back they will lunch in the center dining room, will carry out their tasks, and will return to their houses at afternoon, if they live far away they will have in their disposal rooms to stay during the week.

Currently the center serves 96 children and adolescents, between 3 to 16 years.

The center offers more than providing food, such as:

  • A comprehensive quality education to those who do not have opportunities for the social injustice, and to the lack of economic resources to do this.
  • Train believers, creative, community-based, autonomous, with a critical sense to commit in the transformation and economic development of the environment in which they live.

Another objective of the project is to train the women and not surrender to the macho culture, in a society where women don´t have many possibilities

  • Provide especially to the moms a human training programs and job training Christian – with different types of workshops (knitting, sewing, crafts, etc.).

Project actions

2016 a 2020Collaboration with the Social Project through the operation of the Center and nutritional support.
2021Included in the 2021 budget and pending collection for: Help with the operation of the Center and nutritional support.


Patacamaya, Province of Aroma, Department of La Paz (Bolivia)