Project Woman and Mother in Linares, Jaén (Spain)

The integration project , Support and Social Promotion “Women and Mother” takes place in the shelter “Santa Maria Rosa Molas” for pregnant women and young mothers at risk of social exclusion or gender violence, which were offers the opportunity to spend some time living in the centre and receive comprehensive support for both mother and baby. The length of stay is molded to the situation of each of the residents.

The project is aimed at women aged 18 to 30 years, pregnant and/or with children under three years, derived from private or public institutions all over the country.

In the first phase of the project is provided reception and residence for the time necessary to achieve emotional stability and socio-labor insertion. In a second phase lends support and monitoring of that the mothers and their children is done when they leave the guest house.

The Welcome House has capacity to accommodate five mothers and their children, which means that we can speak of a capacity of ten to twelve residents at the same time. Experience shows that during the year the number of applications can be between 30 to 50 and the number of requests attended, after the study of each case, to an average of fifteen, if they come with child(s), make a total of thirty by year.

To cope with all this group the guesthouse has annual expenses of approximately € 45,000 in respect of contracted staff, training, maintenance (water, electricity, heating oil, …), purchases for consumption, replacement, repair and preservation of housing.

Delwende annually subsidizes a portion of these expenses. Occasionally, aids from other private or official entities are received.

We also attach documentation associated with this project so you can know more about it.

Project actions

2008 to 2020Collaboration with an annual subsidy for the operation of the “Women and Life” project.
2021Included in the 2021 budget and pending collection for: the operation of the project.


Linares, province of Jaén, Andalusia Region (Spain)