Project “Acompañar” in Huelva (Spain)

The “Accompany” project is addressed to women alone or with family burdens, of any nationality, on convalescent status, abandonment or neglect, temporarily disabled to develop their normal lives, lacking financial means to face that reality.

The project has a space that allows a capacity of ten positions simultaneously. Throughout the past year, were received on the project 23 women, 7 with dependents.

The welcome time period  of the  project  “Accompany” offers a comprehensive and temporary support of maximum 6 months, reviewable according to the different circumstances of the users, so as to allow them to regain their autonomy and stability, tending to a socio-professional reintegration.

The center has a staff of human resources composed by director, a social educator and a health technician.

It has two housing conveniently equipped and staffed by technical means adequate: computer, photocopier, telephone, internet, …

The headquarters of the social work has an office, classroom training, tailored services and a vehicle.

Delwende collaborates with an annual contribution to help the financing costs of the center.

Project actions

2018Equipment of the center.
2012 to 2020Collaboration with an annual grant to help with the expenses incurred for the operation of ” Accompany ” project.
2021Included in the 2021 budget and pending collection for: Help for the operation of the Project.


Huelva, Andalusia Region (Spain)