Primary School in Safané (Burkina Faso)

The project “Educating people to build the future” was launched in Safané  by Delwende and Sisters of Consolation in 1998-1999 with one main objective: the training ( teaching and education ) of children and young people to contribute to the development of the people Burkinabe.

The project enables children from primary school:

  • Avoid illiteracy
  • Prepare children to access the institute or secondary school.

Allows continuity in the primary education process of the 302 children attending the school “Notre Dame of the Consolation“  and the social and  health intervention that take place in their family through school of parents, and the social endowment that the school supposes to the study of youth in the area.

The school is composed ofof four small buildings in a closed enclosure:

  • The first has 6 classrooms, in which the six courses of the local Key Stage education are held.
  • The second has a Library and a First Aid station.
  • The third building is the traditional open construction called “appatán”, which has electric lights and is used as a study room for all the students of the area, including secondary students who have free access to all facilities.
  • The last one is the building where teachers live.

Although since 2010 the Local Authorities have helped the Safané School by paying the wages of teachers, the rest of school running costs (nursery, catering, materials,etc..) is funded by Delwende.

Families pay a token amount (less than one euro per month), equivalent to what would be charged in the few public schools and include daily meal.

Over 2013 Delwende provide financial support to extend the school in order to start providing further post-primary education, which replaces the high school with the new education policy in  country  “school for all“. Its aim is that all children attend school until age 15, since we want school to cover this whole cycle.

This year 2015 children have sent us some small testimony of gratitude for having the opportunity to study in the school. We show you.

Project actions

1998Participated in the buying of the land to build the school “Notre Dame of the Consolation”.
1999 and 2000Constructed the first phase of the school, including a well and the hall, and bought some furniture and equipment for the classrooms. Constructed a Library and a dispensary as well.
2001Bought a vehicle for displacement of students.
2003 and 2004Built the living quarters for the teachers.
2005Built a traditional open construction called appatán for the use of young people of Safané for study.
2006Installed electric lighting and Library equipment.
2007Bought solar panels and financed school material.
2008Acquired school material.
1999 to 2009Provided Annual help to pay teachers’ wages and school running costs.
2013Finance the school extension to enable secondary education.
2015Construction of a canteen, so students can eat at school
2015Acquisition of a motorcycle to transport students during times of emergency.
2017Infrastructure school: Repair of dependencies and windows in the primary classrooms.
2010 to 2018; 2020Annual help to pay auxiliary personnel and running costs of primary and secondary schools.
2019 y 2020Rehabilitation of the school building
2020Repair of the ceilings of the School because of a strong storm destroyed the roofs.
2021Included in the 2021 budget and pending collection for: Teachers’ salaries and arrangements in the school buildings.


Safané, province of Mouhoun (Burkina Faso)