Nhellety project “Stars of Tomorrow“ in Matola (Mozambique)

The project is to serve children and adolescents by offering a free tutoring, teaching handicrafts (sewing, costume jewelry, … ), arts and crafts, giving training in moral education and explaining how to grow a orchard. They also have the opportunity to attend a soccer school and learn dances. A socio-pedagogical-psychological tracking, it is accomplished.

It is open daily to over 170 beneficiaries, children between 7 and 14 years old, with needy families or orphans.

The Nhellety project funded so far by the Sisters of Consolation, was born in 2008 to serve children and adolescents at risk, poverty or emotional delay.

In state schools are groups of about 80 students and also the promotion is automatic. For many children finish the fifth grade and they are unable to read.

The project aims to complete the academic education and get a comprehensive education of children. It primarily serves students between 2nd and 5th graders whose families are at risk of social exclusion (unemployed, alcoholics, … ). Many of these families moved from the north to the big city.

By the start of project activities Nhellety the house of the Sisters was used. In 2012, Delwende finances the foundation and coverage of the area dedicated to sport, with the aim of using it to support groups and workshops, as well as youth meetings that were held so far under the trees .

Classes were held in an old chicken house and in the garage with a triple use of it: the support classes tomorrow, in the afternoons teaching sewing and craft, and nights like garage.

During the year 2013 was carried out the construction of two classrooms in a building on one level. So the project Nhellety can develop better and has been able to increase the number beneficiaries.

Project actions

2012Building of a covered to develop various activities in outer space. Purchase of equipment and desks for the new facility.
2013Construction of two covered and closed classrooms.
2012 to 2013, 2017Support for the operation of the centre, based on staff costs and various materials.
2015Construction of a sewing room.
2016Help for school reinforcement activities, crafts, arts and crafts.
2018Construction of toilets and the secretariat.


Matola, province of Maputo (Mozambique)