Hostel for Women in transit. Zilina (Slovakia)

Located in the city of Zilina, the house Mary Mother of Consolation (Dom Matky Útechy Panny Marie) is a social assistance center serving and gives accommodation to women who are homeless or are going through a crisis. It also helps needy families through social shopping.

Since November 2012 has eased the entry of women with some degree of alcohol dependence, whereas the experience has been positive.

Since its commissioning in late 2008 through 2013, have been dealt in total 98 women and 18 children. Most of these people spent in the hostel more than one night, some weeks or even months.

On Saturdays, during the evening, the shelter still open to offer something hot and do some activities with people who so wish.

For that the hostel provides its services, Sisters of the Community are responsible for the operation of the same, with the help of a social worker hired covering three nights a week.

The center has the support of 12 volunteers in the dining room during dinner.

To raise funds, volunteers along with some hosted, performed rakes.

Last summer some arrangements and an overall deep cleaning of the premises were made​​.

Project actions

2009 to 2017Collaboration with the hostel through an annual grant that keeps running the center , helping to pay the social worker as well as different costs of supply of water, electricity , …
2019Purchase of mattresses.
2018 a 2020Salary of shelter workers.
2021Included in the 2021 budget and pending collection for: Salary of shelter workers.


Zilina, Zilina region (Slovakia)