Elementary School “On May 1” in Inhambane (Mozambique)

The primary school “On May 1”, whose management is assigned by local authorities to the Sisters of Consolation since 1998, is located in the Liberdade 2 neighborhood of the city of Inhambane and hosts 2,600 children from four to fourteen, divided between levels of formal education in Mozambique ranging from kindergarten through seventh grade.

This school is attended by 56 local teachers and 10 other employees, including part-time teachers and service staff. Local authorities do not have the funds to mount a minimal infrastructure for the operation of school, so the Congregation of Consolation and Delwende have had to take over the construction of such infrastructure .

Initially classes were held under trees with the precarious conditions and problems, that representing hygiene, health and comfort and also on rainy days, could not afford the classes. Palhotas (built with reeds and coconut leaves) were raised that improved but did not make the situation tidied.

Subsequently cement 15 classrooms were built and 12 palhotas were repaired, which reduced the three daily shifts to only two class and meet the targets set in the program for each stage.

In the following efforts palhotas were replaced by cement classrooms and were also built some toilets for teachers, students and employees,  as well as premises for the guardianship and custody of the material and teaching equipment.

During 2012, a wall that closes the school grounds and improving safety by protecting materials theft, vandalism and assaults on students and teachers was constructed. It also allows the inputs and outputs of the school’s students are controlled.

This is a highly rated school in the area for its great social work.  It is supported by local authorities financing the costs of teachers.

Given the financial hardships of families, some students pay nothing and others pay a nominal monthly amount, which is insufficient to operating costs and maintenance as well as to pay the rest of the employees.

Here isthe testimony of Victor Garcia, lawyer and teacher, which tells us his experience as a volunteer for a few months in this school of Inhambane.

Project actions

1999Construction of a clinic at the school.
2000Aid for flood victims.
2002Support for the construction of the school with 15 classrooms and cement under 12 palhotas.
2004Support for Construction of Cement eight classrooms.
2010 and 2011Support for the construction of five new classrooms cement in 3 buildings, toilets for teachers, students and employees and store for school supplies.
2012Aid for construction of a closing wall.
2017Helps reconstruction after the damage caused by tropical storm Dineo.
2019Construction of a sports field and multipurpose space.
2020Continue with the construction of the sports field and multipurpose space. Rehabilitation and expansion of the bathroom area.
2021Included in the 2021 budget and pending collection for: Continue with the construction of the sports field and multipurpose space. Food baskets for families.


Inhambane, province of Inhambane, south Región (Mozambique)