Quality Education for everyone, College CEMAR in Ceilândia (Brasil)

College CEMAR (Centro Educational Santa María Rosa Molas), as an institution, is not an abstract reality, it is located in a socioeconomically context of contradictions, conflicts and challenges ruled by social inequality, bad living conditions, disrespect of the fundamental human rights, cruelty and exclusion relationships, the ecological imbalance threatenshuman life. Taking all these factors into account, the college has been called to provide education, provide a space to develop life, provide a dignified, fraternal and fair coexistence, and promote liberty and solidarity.

In this context, college CEMAR offers families a comprehensive Educational service for their children: giving children and teenagers a holistic education to form ethical, fair and supportive citizens.

The primary objective of the project is to provide children and teenagers, for families in need, with quality education, shaping men and women with intellectual knowledge, on solidarity and on justice.

Due to the crisis affecting Brazil, many parents are unemployed or on minimum wage. The parents continue to plead and asking college CEMAR’s help since the state schools do not provide the same level of education, besides having violence and drug issues. The economic resources of the College CEMAR have been decreasing year by year since each time bigger subsidies on student tuition fees are required, in order to allow the families to keep their children at school.

Here is where Delwende can collaborate with funds to buy school supplies. Computer equipment and teaching material to prepare better the children / teenagers and to prepare the teachers /for the periodical school meeting.

Project actions

2017Infrastructure and equipment for the college rooms.
2018Collaboration with infrastructure and maintenance costs of the college.
2019Improvements in the building’s infrastructure.
2020School supplies for the boys and girls who attend the School.
2021Included in the 2021 budget and pending collection for: Purchase of computers and accessories for school.


Ceilândia, administrative región of Brazil Federal District