Dining Hakumana Center for Aids Patients in Matola (Mozambique)

The HAKUMANA Centre, belonging to the institution Maria Mãe Africa, stems from the need to respond to the social problems of AIDS that was manifested in the assembly on the HVI-AIDS Committee of Religious Mozambique.

It seeks to address the problem from a materials perspective and another solidarit,, so that safeguards the dignity of people who are facing this disease.

The center opened its doors on March 25, 2008 and carries out its work in three áreas:

  • Information and Training.
  • Guidance and Counseling: (where psychological, spiritual and legal guidance is given).
  • Social Action (including medical support and food).

The Sisters of Consolation collaborated with the center since its opening.

Assist women with AIDS who are in a state of pregnancy and have been abandoned by their husbands and family. They are women who do not get jobs because they are sick or do not have a home to live. The treatment leaves them weak because they have nothing to eat and many think about leaving it.

The case is similar for men because when sick are fired from their jobs and have no money to eat. Others are college students who won a scholarship and get to Maputo sick, have no family, are hospitalized and make a single meal consisting of rice and beans.
Starvation seriously hampers the antiviral treatment.
In 2009 a dining room that allows the reinforcement of the food for patients and increase treatment effectiveness was built. Later he had to expand to a second refectory to serve all the people who come to the Center . This expansion also included units for storage, medication preparation room and kitchen and dining area.
The dining room has hired two assistants for cooking and cleaning and twenty volunteers from area Social Action. The number of people served is raised to about 250, receiving a daily protein food.

Project actions

2009Support for the construction of a Dining room for a daily distribution a lunch to people who come to the Center.
2010Operating aid subsidizing dining with food, medicine and support staff.
2011Support for the construction of a new dining hall, purchase of kitchen and dining room as well as food.


Matola, Province of Maputo (Mozambique)