Cottolengo “Don Orione” in Rio Cuarto (Argentina)

This residence for handicapped and abandoned people was created in 1971, and it runs thanks to Delwende since 2003, assisting senior residents, sick and abandoned people.

To provide appropriate nursing to the interns, it is necessary to have qualified staff which requires to hire people with certain professional skills and qualifications. So, since 2003, Delwende subsidise four nursing rotations, serving forty-three people who currently make up the total of residents of the small Cottolengo “Don Orione”.

The residence has cleaners and laundry workers, six persons working four hours a day, a cook working eight hours a day, an administrator working four hours a day and nine nurse assistants, who each work five hours daily.

The little cottolengo survives thanks to donations which totally cover the food supplies but it is difficult to maintain the personnel, the building maintenance and the medical and nursing staff.

The daily experience proved to be very difficult to offer a personalised service to all the residents, as most of them need individual attention by qualified staff. Especially because in most of the cases, their particular needs have to
be treated by skilled professionals.

The year 2016 was especially happy because with the grant we sent them, they were able to install a WASHING TRAIN that allows them to devote more attention to the people while the machines wash. And as a sign of their joy they sent us this sincere thanks and some photos of the installation.

Project actions

2003 and 2004Financed the refurbishing of the roof of the cottolengo.
2016Installation of the washing train.
2006 to 2020Annual support to maintain the four nursing rotation.
2021Included in the 2021 and collection pending: budget the salary of the nurses.


Rio Cuarto, Córdoba (Argentina).