Comprehensive Educational Project “Talita Kumi” in Quito (Ecuador)

Training center and training for children and young people without resources.

90 children attending the centre and adolescents aged 4 to 17 who come from different schools of the neighborhood and spent alone most of the day. Come to the centre from 12 am to 18 pm Monday through Friday and in it they receive food and make tutoring activities and recreational workshops.

Working in the centre:  Three monitors, two cooks and one responsible. Three fixed volunteers, two psychologists, who are in charge of accompanying the most contentious cases and coordinate workshops with parents once a month. Volunteers also collaborate in art school Pacha Callari teaching body language and music as well as a municipal volunteer who teaches personal defense.

The annual expenditure for the operation of the home and workshop amounted to totals €13,000 for staff salaries and €3,000 for costs of food and cleaning products.

Project actions

2005Acquisition of computers.
2009 to 2018Collaboration with the centre by an annual grant for operating expenses.


Quito, province of Pichincha, Sierra region (Ecuador)